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Sarah Palin booblehead

Submitted by Rockin Mohawk
September 24th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I found her in a gift shop in Chinatown SFO. A sad reminder of how close she got in 2008. Now that she is encased behind glass, she will finally be silenced, at least for the time being. Print this out for a splendid dart board.

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6 Responses to “Sarah Palin booblehead”

  1. Allee Willis Allee Willis says:

    As much as Sarah is not my cup of TEA I wouldn’t mind having this bobblehead so I could smack her in the head every now and then.

    I do love the glowing pink lips that surround her all too big mouth. Also love how real her glasses look. Her clothes make her look like a stewardess, which I wish she was, in some foreign country that I have no desire to travel to.

    “Wacky Wobbler” is a great name for Sarah Palin.

  2. Found out that this bobblehead had been discontinued already on the website. That means that this is a collectible already!

  3. k2dtw k2dtw says:

    Great post…I’ve never seen this. I hope this Vice President, Sarah Palin becomes a huge collectible …and it’s dated!!!

  4. denny denny says:

    Hi Rockin’ Mohawk! This scares the s*** out of me. I wouldn’t mind having one of these though. My Golden would love it as a chew toy.

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