10 Responses to “Tuesday The Rabbi Saw Red (murder is not kosher!!)”

  1. Allee Willis

    Thought I’d throw a little Judaism into the mix with all these other Christmas submissions here at AWMOK today.

    I’m pretty sure there were a whole series of these books. I remember a copy of the first one, Friday the Rabbi Slept Late, sitting on my dad’s desk.

    I love that the “Jewish Sherlock Holmes” discovers a murder at a Christian college.

    Excellent hand-drawn fonts.

    Love the name Harry Kemelman.

    My absolute favorite thing of all is the illustration on the cover. How 70s the dead guys hair is, or is that the Jewish Sherlock Holmes lying there? Is the red stuff oozing out of the bottom of his body the rest of his suit or, in fact, blood? And what on earth is that statute thing he’s resting on? Is that the murder weapon? And what’s the story on the base of the sculpture? It looks like it has toes or something.

  2. k2dtw

    Great post… I love this book cover, LOVE the art…and it was a series???.. How come no TV Show???.. It could be so smart and funny???.. Reading the quote on the back from the Detroit News, wondering if there are any Detroit connections???
    I think it was Professor Plum in the Dean’s office with the Socrates Marble Bust….smile

  3. Nessa

    He must be a very busy Rabbi with a whole book’s worth of action happening on every day of the week… If I see one of these at a sale I’m definitely going to get it and read it.

  4. windupkitty

    wow, i have never heard of these…….i’m beside myself and can not wait to find one!!!!!!!!!!!!! checking the library now…….

    holy crap, the library is chock full of kemelman’s rabbi books! woohoo!!!! there are a ton of books on tape and even large print books available!! i know where i’m going tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • k2dtw

      Thanks for posting wikipedia… WOW..They did write for TV??humm???…interesting casting???.. Wish I could see it?? Wondering if they could write it again?? Who would they cast??..
      Sometimes the storyline is so good, but the technology doesn’t hold up?
      We were just talking about that…We just saw “Wait Until Dark”.. w/Audrey Hepburn.. The storyline was/is fab…Audrey is so helpless and alone…and the phone booth is so much a part of the movie?? Now w/cell phones how could they write it?? Best to leave a great movie like that alone??

  5. denny

    I found all my jewish themed books at the dump. I find most of my kitschy books at the dump.

    Ever since meeting Allee, I find them from time to time. My favorite is “Loxfinger”.