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Hail to the Teeth

Markydoodle Submitted by Markydoodle
September 4th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

President Carter has been in the news lately, and it made me remember how great it was to poke fun at him and his family. A friend of mine actually got together with his brothers and some friends in Lincoln, Nebraska back in ’77, and made a comedy album dedicated to that notion.

This is the album cover that I still have.

His brother drank a lot of beer, got in a lot of trouble, and he was well known for being a sunday school teaching born again christian. One line in the album references the latter by saying “it must have been very painful for your mother” when he was born again.

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2 Responses to “Hail to the Teeth”

  1. Allee Willis Allee Willis says:

    Never knew about this LP but I do have some cans of Billy Beer.

    And, yes, those Carter teeth deserved some hailing.

    Is the teeth band still making music together?

  2. Markydoodle Markydoodle says:

    This was all comedy, no music.

    Ironically though, My friend Jim went on to become a successful trial attorney, and also wrote a musical. It actually ran in NY this summer!

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