Sad Clown With Ballons “Berfiol” ?

Submitted by ssik1974 April 12th, 2015
Certifikitsch Winner

Here’s a painting I have that looks very similar to another posted on this site. I’m not sure if the one I have is an original or another artist’s rendition. There’s a signature in the lower right corner that looks like “Berfiol” but I can’t find any information on an artist with this name and the other “sad clown with balloons” painting, on this site, is the closest I’ve found in my online searching. I took two photos of the same painting due to the camera glare.

2 Responses to “Sad Clown With Ballons “Berfiol” ?”

  1. Allee Willis

    Allee Willis

    Boy, this clown is really sad!

    Most of the clown paintings I’ve seen have longer strings on the balloons. I think he’s even sadder because he has such tiny balloons. Well, I think he will cheer up here at the Allee Willis Museum Of Kitsch because he is surrounded by so many other clown friends:

    Can you tell for sure that it’s a painting and not a print?

  2. ssik1974


    It’s definitely a painting, and not a print. There’s no glass over it and it has a textured surface from the brush strokes. Oh, and thank you for the CertifiKitsch Of AuthenKitschity. I’ve no doubt he’ll start cheering up soon.