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Teeny Weeny Tourist Souvenirs (little dishes with little tea cups) Part 1

denny Submitted by denny
February 15th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

I visited the local VNA Thrift Shop here on Cape Cod and came across a big stash of these little tourist souvenirs.  Each one was $1.00 each and I couldn’t help but plop down $10.00 for a n armful of them.  Some of them are better than others but I picked the best ones from the pile.  I will never get sick of Atlantic City souvenirs especially when most of these these still have the “made in Japan” sticker on the back of them.  The bases that they all sit on are made of plastic but other than that, each cup and plate in this multi-part series is made of ceramic.

This is one of my favorites as it’s the only one that has a metal rack to hold the cup and saucer.  I also love Las Vegas souvenirs as well.  This might be newer but I really liked the colors on this one.  I do love red.

Nothing like a souvenir from San Fran.


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One Response to “Teeny Weeny Tourist Souvenirs (little dishes with little tea cups) Part 1”

  1. Allee Willis Allee Willis says:

    I love little miniature teacups, I love travel souvenirs and I love that someone had an entire collection of them. So what’s not to love about these?

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