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Ceramic pig bank from 1973

denny Submitted by denny
December 8th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

I should have purchased this even if it is someones class project. I love any piece of kitsch with big, bulgy eyes. What kills me about this pig? The eye lashes for sure!

Side view.

Tail end…..

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2 Responses to “Ceramic pig bank from 1973”

  1. Allee Willis Allee Willis says:

    This pig has had way too much to drink. Actually, from the look of those pink eyes I don’t think that that the consumption involved alcohol.

    I love the 2nd photo. I would never know it was a pig from her profile.

    This looks more mass-made to me than a homemade project. At least if it was homemade there would be some excuse for the eyes and profile. I just have to assume that whoever was turning these out on the assembly line had partaken of the same drugs as the pig.

    Did the pig have a purpose? Was it at least a bank?

  2. denny denny says:

    I think it did have someone’s initials scrawled on the bottom of it. The eyes do kill me.

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