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Every Inch A Sailor SUNG BY Oscar Brand

denny Submitted by denny
March 23rd, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

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One Response to “Every Inch A Sailor SUNG BY Oscar Brand”

  1. Allee Willis Allee Willis says:

    Absolutely fantastic. I can’t believe I’ve never seen this before.

    I wonder if Oscar Brand is the sailor? If so, I suppose there’s enough room in those pants for every inch.

    The fact that he’s gripping a swordfish and the mere touch of his hand electrifies her to stand on her toes in such amazement is great.

    The only thing I would’ve changed about this superb art direction would be to position the couple 6 more inches to their right as then the hook of the anchor would have been beyond perfectly positioned. Although, as I think about it if we’re to see every inch of that sailor, he’s positioned just right.

    The art direction and lighting is really incredible. Using painters tarps for sand and then chopping the water in scallops, really fantastic.

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