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Twin Meeting in Bingen (Germany)

BeeJay Submitted by BeeJay
April 12th, 2015
Certifikitsch Winner

Something my brother sent me today. My Dad Edgar (with bow tie, middle left) and his brother Dagobert at a twin meeting in the 50′s.
The meeting was featured in a magazine and my Grandma wrote on it “Who knows who?”

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2 Responses to “Twin Meeting in Bingen (Germany)”

  1. Allee Willis Allee Willis says:

    Love this!! Your father and uncle look identical. And I love that they have those bowties on.

    The facially-folickled male twins down front kill me too.

    The male twins are much more stylish than the female twins.

  2. BeeJay BeeJay says:

    Thanks for still releasing this after you temporarily closed on new post here at AWMOK, Allee!

    Here is how the bearded twins (who for a while worked as entertainers) in front look like today:

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