Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Jell-o Spoon Candy

Submitted by Allee Willis January 18th, 2010

“The dessert that tastes like a candy bar” was a junk food lover’s xtreme fantasy when it hit the shelves in 1972. Short-lived – it was gone by ’73 – Jell-o Spoon Candy was a puddingish dessert with a topping you cracked through as you would the chocolate shell on a Dairy Queen. Spoon Candy, a kitschingly brilliant name especially when combined with the word “jello”, came in a variety of combo flavors like peanut butter and chocolate, chocolate with chocolate, vanilla with chocolate, caramel with chocolate, I guess chocolate came on everything. The topping inhabited a separate package stuffed into the box that you cut and squeezed onto the pudding.

The official reason given for Jell-o Spoon Candy’s demise was the rising cost of sugar but junk food lovers the world over still mourn its early demise and would have happily paid a few pennies more to get their fix.

Jello-Spoon-Candy_5688 Jello-Spoon-Candy_5689 Jello-Spoon-Candy_5687

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