Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – “The Fist” Air Freshener

Submitted by Allee Willis April 12th, 2010

This goldplated bejeweled hunk of plastic air freshener is without question the greatest of its ilk I’ve ever seen.  I, thank God, had the presence of mind to buy the entire stock of two when I saw them at a Pic ‘N Save in the mid-90s and one rode around on the dash of my ’55 Studebaker Commander until I just couldn’t take the glut of sticky sweet strawberry fumes any more.  Which was a blessing in disguise as I almost killed myself several times when the glare from the sparkling gold multifaceted fist almost blinded me.


Made  in Taiwan by Allison Industries, this “powerful car and home air freshener” is activated by holding the wrist with one hand,  unscrewing the fist with the other and exposing the openings in the bling to adjust the amount of fumes I mean fragrance you want choking I mean filling the air.


One jewel was missing from both fists though on different fingers and no jewel was loose shaking around in either box.


It’s amazing to me that someone would pilfer a jewel leaving these beautiful fists behind but I’m sure glad they did or I wouldn’t have their beauty (and stench) to behold today.

fist-air-freshener_6459 fist-air-freshener_6460 fist-air-freshener_6458

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