Definitive Boogie Wonderland

Submitted by Allee Willis May 11th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

In what could easily turn into Kitsch O’ The Day’s Musical Monday because of all the insane versions of my songs on YouTube, this one by Pink Lady, a Japanese duo who had a short-lived but utterly fantastic cheese wheel of Kitsch tv show in the 1980’s, is way near the top of the heap. The Oriental opening, bad lip-synching of the pink person on the right, cheesy choreography, clear fascination with American dancers, glitzy costumes, dorky synth patches, bombastic arrangement and cheap set all add up to musical heaven in Boogie Wonderland.

When I first started having hits, this was the very first cheesy version of one of them I saw. I prayed I could keep knocking ’em out as this is the kind of reward a Kitsch lover such as myself dreams of.

pink-lady-boogie-wonderland5 pink-lady-boogie-wonderland4 pink-lady-boogie-wonderland31