40´s Make Up Case

Submitted by BeeJay March 10th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

1996 I discovered this little treasure on a fleamarket. Knowing I would play in two stage productions in near future I simply had to have it. The case came including two tin-containers (I guess for soap), a couple of glass-flakons in different sizes, a little comb and a plastic-caddy with a cute pink powder puff in it. Unfortunately I couldn´t find the powder puff as I took the pics, though I know I still have it anywhere. Most hilarious was, that after I bought it I found a note behind the little mirror that said “Fuck you, Walter”. I wonder if  “Walter” ever read this.

This case escorted me through the best time of my life, needless to say how much I love it.

2 Responses to “40´s Make Up Case”

  1. Allee Willis

    Beautiful! I always love when compartments are part of the deal. And original unbroken mirror is excellent.

    I hope Walter had many a happy experience with this case.

    What two stage productions were those?

    • BeeJay

      I had the feeling the note was addressed to Walter :)
      The stage productions were “Richard III” from Shakespeare and “Play it again, Sam!” from Woody Allen. The stage of “Play it again, Sam!” was fully equipped with inflatable furniture!