8 Responses to “Happy Poopin´!”

  1. Allee Willis

    That little thigh almost looks like a third ass cheek.

    I don’t know about greeting cards with kids taking a poop… What’s the occassion? A stinker of one whatever it is!

    • BeeJay

      I´m not really sure, cause the last line sounds very general, but I would categorize it as a birthday card. Free translated it´s wishing an open heart, an open butt and all the best. I don´t know how old the card is, there was no date on the print, but I guess from the 50´s.

          • Michael Ely

            It looks to me like 1930’s too. Well, I wrote the words in Google Translator and it came out – “off’nes is a heart always sought, but always sought, but it is also worth something off’ner body, so I wish you all the best and the way these two.” Doesn’t make sense to me, but that’s how it translated.

            • BeeJay

              Yeah, that doesn´t make much sense this way :)
              That is cause google is translating word by word. I´m german, it´s my motherlanguage, so I knew what it means. “Off´nes” is the short form of “offen” (=open), what was translated with “sought” (“begehrt”) has many meanings, such as wished, cherished, appriciated, welcome, precious.