Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Being Fluff

Submitted by Allee Willis August 7th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

Sorry, no aKitschionado posts today as I’m busy playing hostess-with-the-Fluffiest-mostest to members of The Allee Willis Museum Of Kitsch who convened at Willis Wonderland this weekend for a pre-Fluff Festival junk fest featuring, among other outstanding foodstuffs, whipped cream vodka Flufftinis…,

… Goldfish in seafoam dip…,

…a Fluffernutter cake…,

…Cheez Whiz, peanut butter and jelly, egg salad, and fluffernutter sandwiches…

…fried S’Mores…

…. and candy vegetables with Fluff dip.

I hope to get documentation of the pre-Fluff Fest up within the next couple of days. Those shots will include the attendees eating the aforementioned snacks and engaging in various Fluffed activities. But between everyone’s cameras I have at least 1200 photos to go through and I had to get up bone-breakingly early this morning to accompany the aKitschionados to the Pasadena City College Flea Market, followed by a trek to Pie ‘N Burger for an equally nutritious lunch as AWMOK members feasted on yesterday. So I’ll be back tomorrow with at least Part 1 of Fluff Time at Willis Wonderland. Until then, remember to eat your

Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Being Even More Fluff – Part 1

Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Being Even More Fluff – Part 2

7 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Being Fluff”

  1. Rusty

    Love this! Thank you to everyone! A.mazing.

    The last pix is surely one of my most favorite ones ever…with Susan eating the towel and Mel being the uber-Mensch Fluffer…heh.

    Onward to What the Fluff festival in September, aKitschionados!

  2. denny

    OMG! I am getting sugar shocked just reading this post! Wish I could have been there! Such a terrific looking gang for sure! It’s the Willis Wonderland Players!

    I am dying to try the candy veggies and fluff!

    How can I not see the sign that says hello to me! Thanks for saying hi!

    Such a wonderful group for sure! I’m going to hit the jealous button now.

  3. shirlie williams

    OMG Im sooooo jealous, being in the UK is just too far away !! Good to see Windup Kitty there!! Im sure you all had a fabulous time !!!!!