80´s Hair Crimper (including self-attempt)

Submitted by BeeJay September 10th, 2011
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After re-discovering my old hair crimper from the 80´s here the promised pics of the daredevil first self-experiment after …I guess 20 years.

Here the pink, once very loved gadget itself:

Though in the times of Cindy Lauper and Boy George I once used that thingy so passionately I had no idea anymore how long it takes to heat up and how long I have to squeeze my hair between it. So I rather used it with a reasonable level of caution.

Though the Crimper still seems to work perfectly I remember the results back in the day looked WAY better and way more effective. I don´t know…either I have to blame my nowadays lack of recklessness regarding my hair or the lack of the hardcore “Studio Line”  hair lacquer I used in the 80´s and 90´s, which used to make the hair stiffer like a wire brush.

Anyway – the result rather looked like a really lame attempt to fake an afro instead of what I recalled from earlier days. But at least my new look was entertaining my hubby.

Since we took these pictures I gave the tool a few more tries and now figured out how to get better results by using it while the hair is still wet. Alas we didn´t take photos of that, but I must say, after I got a new hairdo that is a bit like a mohawk The crimper found a new home in my bathroom again and sometimes I´m using it, not excessive though, only for some little accents.

Actually – I can´t believe I´m uploading this, hahaha!

6 Responses to “80´s Hair Crimper (including self-attempt)”

    • BeeJay

      It was fun to do it, though I think I almost burned my scalp a few times. If I will ever meet Denny I will make him the afro he wants so bad!

  1. Kyle Dayton

    Thank you!!! Kudos galore for this post. It reminded me just how often I used to crimp my hair, too. (I still have the crimper, but it’s a very generic looking dark brown color). Until now, I’d totally forgotten about it.