8 Responses to “Kickin´Jeans”

  1. Allee Willis

    Truly an historic period In men’s fashion.

    The lace up front jeans kill me. Love that the black guys in a ski sweater. Jewel kicker’s shirt is perfect period fashion. Adidas’s on boys in back are excellent though dude in front could have done much better on his shoes. He completely makes up for a with his lumpy Afro and hint of breasts though.

    “Don’t Bind Your Legs!” Is such a beautifully kitschy way of saying that the jeans are comfortable.

  2. windupkitty

    i can’t even get my head around this and am overwhelmed with emotion. this is by far the best ad campaign for ANYTHING i’ve ever seen! thank god the address is still visible…i have to go find some stamps……

  3. Celiene

    Hmmph. It appears that good ‘ol Chuck Norris is now the proud owner of the patent – and these are now called “Check Norris Action Jeans” sold via Century Martial Arts supply. Chuck-o CLAIMS he created the idea. (Or is it a spoof on the original?) Google it and get back to me!