Richard Brezner

Former Flavor of the month several times over for a short-lived photography career back in the late 60's & early 70's...(Many of those images live on through The Divine Ms. M)......and a number of times over the course of my 30+ years within the sometimes deranged walls of the music & fashion industries working for many of pop culture's life luminaries. It's been a good life! - I approach completion of my complicated yet interesting life story & adventures - both in and out of music and fashion - from the time of my birth (even though, I don't actually remember the time of my birth nor what I was wearing at the time) till the present....I find myself going backwards in time as I thrash through my material possessions in order to photograph them & post them for possible inclusion into The Museum Of Kitsch for none other than the ultra-fabulous Ms. Allee Willis', my favorite ChildStar. (Applause sign flashes!). Autographed copies of my memoirs will be available for signing if I ever get the damn thing finished and published! Random House, are you listening....rather reading? Stranger things have happened!



A Genuine Plastic Moo Cow Creamer made by Whirley Industries Inc. – Warren, Penna (I’ve never seen this abbreviation for Pennsyl...