"I am an award-winning television, stage and film actress," I said casually not knowing what. You can view my complete resume at My other creative passion is Art. I own an art gallery in the Hudson Valley called "THE DRAWING ROOM...home is where the art is" . There I exhibit my quirky, whimsical drawings and creations called "art inside the box". These boxes are like miniature worlds or stages I create. I find antique boxes which I sand and paint...then design and envision imaginary settings made up of found objects, antique postcards, collage and miniature people . I have sold many of them at my gallery and website . I've also had exhibits in Wellfleet, Cape Cod and St.Thomas, Virgin Islands. People seem to love them, and I am wild about making them. They are odd and nostalgic and utterly fun. Like Alice in Wonderland you can keep falling into them and discover a dream. I am happy to share them with Allee and her amazing Museum. One man's Kitsch is another man's Art.