I am 65 and have been collecting kitsch for a long time. My definition of kitsch is quite narrow, so I don't aquire new pieces often. Also, I'm cheap and don't l;ike to pay a lot. If it is not "Art that caters to low taste" then it can't be in my collection. I do have a problem. All my pieces are certainly low in taste. After I have them for awhile, I become fond of them and they become, at least to me, pieces of art. Even though they are no longer kitsch to me, I could never part with any of them. Hint to other collectors: Don't show your collection to your friends. An aquaintance saw a kitschy Precious Moments statue in my collection and was distressed because she collects the stuff.


Winged Woman

She is about 10 inches high. There is a lot of glitter in the paint, which does not show here. I just love her!...