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Allee on the 4th from the knee down

Allee Willis Submitted by Allee Willis
July 4th, 2013
Certifikitsch WinnerClassique d' Camembert
Jealous (3)

My 4th of July ensemble and I had a wonderful holiday today. Hope all you aKitschionados did too!

Vestiges of the 4th:

With Gail and Diva Zappa

With Prudence Fenton, Beverly D’Angelo, FrancesFisher and the kids:

With Sid Krofft:

With Prudence Fenton and Gail and Diva Zappa:

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5 Responses to “Allee on the 4th from the knee down”

  1. suzette suzette says:

    Insane jealous! WHAT A LIFE YOU HAVE~!
    Prudence Fenton has to be one of the funniest people on the planet! I LIVE for her facebook posts!

  2. windupkitty windupkitty says:

    Prudence IS one of the funniest people on the planet! It’s at a level that is so intense, you can’t describe it. Just diaper up when you hang out with her, that’s my advice!

  3. Celiene Celiene says:

    Those shoes are FABOO! Whose house? I would LOVE looking at all the stuff there!

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