I'm Jessica Lindsey, Native San Franciscan, currently residing on the island of Alameda, CA, with my husband, Mel Waldorf, leader of Meshugga Beach Party, the world's premier Jewish Surf Music Band. Come visit my virtual store - kookykitsch.com and real life store -upstairs @ Park Street Antiques, 1519 Park St. Alameda, CA. Find me on Facebook ~ http://www.facebook.com/kookykitch ~ Link to me on Linkedin ~ Follow me on Foursquare/Twitter In 2002, our home was profiled on KPIX-TV in San Francisco as the tackiest home in the Bay Area! Here's the video: HOUSE OF KITSCH These are some of my many and varied interests: Kitsch (obviously), Tchotchkes, flea markets, The 80's, Pop Tarts, Tiki Bars, Zany antics, TV, Toot-a-loop radios, The beautiful island city of Alameda, Park Street Antiques and Collectibles, Grammar Girl, Americana, The Society for the Preservation of English Language and Literature (SPELL), Lawn Gnomes, GREAT DEALS!!! Bat Boy, Super Elastic Bubble Plastic, shuffle board, shag carpeting, Schlock, Spray Butter, non sequiturs, TAB and Fresca Soda, swap meets, Punctuality, Punctuation! Cereal, Roadside attractions, vintage collectibles, Quirkiness, The Brady Bunch, caesuras, K-Tel and Ronco Records, Wink Martindale, Avocado Green, Vegelicious Vegetarian Food, bamboo, Hawaii, thrift stores, Pop Art, Pong, Proper Etiquette, Glockenspiels, onomatopoeia, After School Specials, Cats in costumes, Fluffernutters, Mr. Microphone, Monchichi, Men at Work, Men without Hats, mummenschanz, AMC Pacers, Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and much much more!


Lieber’s Chookies Mint

Look delicious despite the fact that they sound like cookies you can choke on. Discovered at Wesley Kosher Supermarket, Wesley Hills, NY....

Three Way Love

1973 “classic” by Bronc Calloway – “Mac drove a truck for a living – and drove women wild for kicks.” A ...

Black Face Masque

It’s unclear (to me) what this “Masque ” “Natural Pack” does, other than make your face black. I might have to...