Ace Frehley signed KISS Lunchbox

Submitted by Planet67 September 15th, 2009
Certifikitsch Winner

lunchbox2I had this signed at amoeba records on record store day where ace was signing. The picture is of me in line from the what’s in my bag? video from the day. Note I’m wearing my super kitsch KISS necktie my sister gave me for christmas years back. The guy lurking over my shoulder was on gene simmon’s family jewels when shannon was looking to replace vintage kiss items. He has a band that wears make up too, they were on that realty show with the bands in Las Vegas… remember?

Ace was my hero growing up, and I wanted to be sure if I ever got his autograph it would be in person, so I would know it was real and not a fake. The box has some wear, but thats the one I could afford, and sometimes wear adds something.lunchboxthumb

One Response to “Ace Frehley signed KISS Lunchbox”

  1. Allee Willis

    That’s fantastic! Autographs always enhance the Kitsch value. I was friends with Paul and Gene in the 80s and wrote with Gene. I wasn’t that into Kiss musically – I was/am a Pop Soul gal – but I always thought the Kiss concept was so brilliant. This lunchbox is great! I also faithfully watch Family Jewels.