2 Responses to “Kitsch?”

  1. kdemar

    Hi Allee,
    > Unfortunately, I don’t have the disc. If I could find one I would
    > love to have it. I have been a fan of yours,(and Pee Wee’s) for
    > years, and I was aware of your frequent collaborations with him. I
    > have Pee Wee lunch boxes, post cards, Life Magazine, children’s
    > Halloween costume, action figures, Pee Wee’s Playhouse set, Pee Wee
    > Yo Yo, Pee Wee Cup and Saucer set, Photos, and probably one of the
    > most obscure items, a set of Pee Wee Bow Ties that was originally
    > sold at K-Mart. I also have an extensive snow globe collection, A-
    > Team, Welcome Back Kotter, Lost in Space, Gilligan’s Island, and
    > many more.I would love for you to come and take a look if you want.
    > My wife has also posted Kitsch. She collects Mid Century Gravel Art,
    > and Pottery mostly. Contact me any time. Thanks for putting the site
    > together. Its so great.
    > Kenny DeMartines