Seeburg M100B Jukebox

Submitted by jack September 15th, 2009

Well, I figured I would start off with my favorite piece in my collection. This is working Seeburg M100B Jukebox, the first jukebox that played 45 rpm records. This beauty holds 50 records and is capable of playing the side of your choosing. This particular jukebox is nearly six decades old and still works like a charm. Beyond playing music I also consider it a beautiful work of art. You cannot help but feel your mind transport through time when you observe this unit in action.

One Response to “Seeburg M100B Jukebox”

  1. Allee Willis

    I used to own this exact jukebox. I love the sound when it changes records. I had to sell it because it was just too big and too heavy and I had no place to keep it unless I installed a diving board so I could leap over it in order to get anywhere in my house. Looking at it now makes me very sad that it isn’t here. I still have the little paper inserts that the titles are written on as well as the little unit that looks like a miniature jukebox pit mounted on the wall next to tables in a diner with the little tabs that you flip to see what records you want to play and that you drop a coin into. I think I’ll go flip the tabs now.