3 Responses to “Deviled Eggs Plate”

  1. Allee Willis

    Beautiful! The little piglets looked so happy in their egg indentations. Makes no sense, of course, that they’re pigs. Shouldn’t they be chickens? Instant kitsch status for that alone.

  2. SpoonFedArt

    They do look like little pigs but I think they could also be little egg-shaped devils. If that’s true then sadly, no instant kitsch status for me and my egg plate. But perhaps we can be redeemed… “Devilled Eggs” is misspelled… or intentionally misspelled to indicate that the little devils in the middle have ensnared the unsuspecting eggs and “led” them to their final resting place before they’re eaten!

  3. Lasagne Lady Fitch

    yes, my vote is that they EGGS spawned by the DEVIL….. not pigs. Why would pigs be in the center of a deviled egg plate? if there were any animal it would be a chicken………