3 Responses to “Toys and Dolls”

  1. Allee Willis

    Well, I can certainly relate to the amount of things on those shelves!

    Three Martin Short dolls make YOU worthy of kitsch status.

    I’m very impressed with what looks to be multiples of several items. you can always tell a true collector because if they find something they love enough and there’s more than one of them they never leave with just one.

    Looks like at least 6 Pee-Wee dolls.

    Do you collect mainly toys?

  2. kdemar

    Yes, I have multiples of many items. One of the Martin Short dolls is actually a,” window hanger” with suction cups. Very rare, I had never seen one before. At last count I had about 35 Pee Wee Herman talking dolls, and several other pieces of Pee Wee Memorabilia. Yes, I collect mainly toys and dolls.