2 Responses to “Velvet Elvis”

  1. Allee Willis

    I have that same Elvis painting in that same carved Hawaiian woodframe. Elvis’s pork chop sideburns are perfectly portrayed here.

    I’m really interested to see what that big old guitar sitting on top of it with the fake fur wrapped around it and what looks to be a tale is.

    What’s the fake fur lined zebra skin boomerang thing with the eight ball in it?

  2. kdemar

    The guitar is actually a prop I made of a replica “Prince” guitar for a rock themed photo shoot I worked on several years ago. I worked for Hustler Magazine, and the article that accompanied the photos was about ,”Cover Band” groupies. We profiled several cover bands with one being a Prince cover band.
    The fake fur lined zebra skin boomerang thing with the 8 ball, is actually a giant Zippo Lighter I made just as a piece of art. My father had a silver Zippo when I was growing up, and as an artist, the shape always fascinated me, and I thought it would be a challenge to re-create it oversized. Some day I want to go even bigger.