South of the Border Big Eye Art

Submitted by Sandi V. September 22nd, 2009
South of the Border Big Eye Art

Adding international flair to the 60’s doe-eyed girls.

4 Responses to “South of the Border Big Eye Art”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love the pom-pom/fireworks looking explosion on her head and the way the theme picks up at the bottom of her braid. The artist even picks up the red in what looks to be a little rubber band tying the end of the braid to a either a feather or an extraordinary gathering of split ends. I also love when painters go overboard on that mashing the brush against the canvas technique so that every last bit of paint scrapes off the brush and one color blurs into the next. and then, of course, there’s those big doe eyes.

  2. denny

    Wow Sandi, how this got by me, I’ll never know. This is a fabulous print and I do hope this is hanging in your house! I would have snatched this up without even a thought.