Wendy’s Restaurant Tabletop

Submitted by jack September 23rd, 2009
Certifikitsch Winner
wendys table

This is a vintage tabletop from a Wendy’s fast food restaurant. I always liked these when I was young and always wanted to take one home with me. I am sad the restaurant doesn’t use them anymore, but I was elated when I finally found one for my own. For those that don’t remember them or never saw one they have have images of old catalog ads displayed on the laminate. I use it as an end table now.

11 Responses to “Wendy’s Restaurant Tabletop”

  1. Allee Willis

    Although I’m a card-carrying junk food addict, Wendy’s was never my cup of tea. And this old catalog ad pattern that popped up as wallpaper in so many bathrooms starting in the late 1960s always made it hard for me to pee. But the fact that you have the actual tabletop is most impressive. Of course, what advertisements for things like liniment, shoelaces, fireplaces and toilets had to do with Wendy’s – well, I guess the last one makes sense – is anyone’s guess. Which makes it excellent Kitsch.

  2. djtopcat

    Hey my friend has a vintage Wendy’s table just like this in her basement. She was thinking of selling it but she has no clue what it’s value might be? If anyone is interested or has more info on it feel free to shoot me an email.
    This was the only reference I could find on Google. Nothing on Ebay, Craigslist etc Thanks
    Seattle WA
    email [email protected]

    • thalcomb

      Hello. I’m looking to buy a Wendy’s table that is oblong instead of square. Does your friend have this shape? Thanks!

    • Rush3rd

      Do you still have those tables? I’m interested in them if you are.

      Email me at rush3rd (at) gmail (dot) com

      My name is Rush Montgomery. Thanks!

  3. E. Foster

    I have one also; mine had 4 wooden chairs with it when I bought it at an antique store in Alabama 12 years ago. Had no idea it was from Wendy’s until someone doing work at my house last week mentioned it. Would also love to know what they’re worth.

  4. sassychevy55

    I have a table and 2 chairs. I am selling them soon, just because I have no room for them anymore. If anyone knows the value of the table and 2 chairs, please let me know.

    Thanks, Bonnie

  5. Rush3rd

    If anyone has the square table and/or the chairs I’m looking to buy them.

    Email me at rush3rd (at) gmail (dot)

    My name is Rush Montgomery. Thanks!