3 Responses to “Wig out!”

  1. Allee Willis

    Well, the photo is stunning as is the wig. Can you give more details about what exactly this is, what the wig is for, what the dimensions are and whether the graphic is wrapped around a box, a cut-out or what? The fact that I see Tura Satana in the background is a very good sign!

  2. Howie Pyro

    haha…it’s a kid’s sized nasty frizzled grey haired wig with a ponytail on that beautiful what seems to be silkscreened card…so weird…i just leaned it in a spot where there was some light, behind it is my faster pussycat kill kill poster signed by russ meyer & tura satana (she has done id’s for my radio show as well), also in there is a huge old rubber witch & a rat fink drawing pad oh and my keys…oops!…those items are always there…