5 Responses to “Some Groovy Reading!”

  1. Allee Willis

    These are fantastic. “The Acid Eaters” Is a movie I throw on every year or so. I had no idea a photo novel existed.

    Not enough to say about the psychedelic treatment on the cover of LSD Orgy!

    And I love that the LSD Luster is a painter. Those artists are always so lustful and crazy.

  2. Howie Pyro

    a friend has the actual art of the cover of LSD Lusters…i did a book that has not come out yet about all this kinda psychedelic exploitation…all photos of weird stuff like this, called “L$D: Feeding the Cubes to the Squares” from Feral House Books.

  3. kookykitsch

    These are great. I like the way the painter on LSD Luster actually looks so clean cut – short hair, button down shirt and slacks are the first thing that come to mind when I think of LSD.

    Also, what’s with the guy in the background of LSD Orgy? Is this some kind of psychedelic strip club?

  4. Howie Pyro

    well….here’s what it says on the back cover:

    everyone on campus wanted someone, as long as it wasn’t their own spouse. And Dr. Boffilander reveled in the situation, as did his incredibly wanton wife, Maroussia. Corruption was their specialty; it was the beginning of a group therapy never before experienced-

    that’s exactly how it was written, so there you have it…a medical sleaze trip!

  5. Mark Blackwell

    i like that LSD Lusters is a “nightstand book” – i’d love to have a copy on my nightstand.

    dr. boffilander…? that’s great…