Recycle! One Thing Made To Another- LP Bowl

Submitted by ricardo September 25th, 2009

Remember the 1983 hit “One Thing Leads To Another” by The Fixx? What’s kitschy about that? What about if the vinyl record (remember those) was made into a bowl?! Made by . It’s sturdy and the spindle hole is sealed you you can fill it up with Goldfish crackers or any dry snack of your choice. Just don’t use it for hot soup lest it can melt!


6 Responses to “Recycle! One Thing Made To Another- LP Bowl”

  1. Allee Willis

    I was upset when these first became trendy because I was melting the albums I didn’t like into bowls a good decade before they started charging money for them. I never cared if an album sucked because I just plugged in my heat gun and shaped the gummy vinyl. I never got the smooth texture of these mass manufactured ones but I never got over the fact that I didn’t think to turn it into a product line. I know people loved The Fixx but I was so into soul music I probably would’ve melted this one too and thrown the peanut M&Ms into it.

  2. Mark Blackwell

    i know that the guy cy curnin from the fixx also designs hats apparently, so that made me think that perhaps this could be turned upside down and worn on your head as such, a devo-esque lp helmet of sorts…