BLack Velvet Toilet Devil!

Submitted by Howie Pyro September 27th, 2009

hanging very close to my own toilet, this insane “crap” is a featured item forever in my water closet…purchased in that frame, in case you were wondering…

2 Responses to “BLack Velvet Toilet Devil!”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m not a collector of anything devil but I do like that this one is portrayed on velvet and is having a hard time achieving his goal. I also like how the smoke from his cigarette merges with the vibes coming out of his head.

    The frame is perfect. It comes from Aaron Brothers. I know because that particular frame, available in all sizes, makes cheesy paintings – of which I have hundreds – look so legitimate. Aaron Brothers has those penny sales a few times a year so I always grab loads of this style and keep them in stock.