Little White L’Eyes Eye Shields

Submitted by JackFondue September 28th, 2009
Certifikitsch Winner

~aaaaaaaaaaaaa 232Little White L’Eyes Eye Shilds!! Cool, Reusable, Light Weight and SELF ADHESIVE! 100% Block of Utraviolet Rays. Made from a PROPRIETARY material that allows UNrestricted air flow to the sensitive eye area. DRASTICALLY REDUCES HYPER-SENSITIVITY caused by perspiration, eye make-up and other IRRITANTS! Sugg-Retail $1.75 Sale Price 39 cents.

5 Responses to “Little White L’Eyes Eye Shields”

  1. Allee Willis

    That graphic is very Village Of The Damned, as if the sunbathers’ eyes had been gouged out by monsters or burnt by the sun. I’m not a fan of the kind of realistic illustration on the label but as I scrolled down and saw those ridiculous teddy bears painted on the eye shields and read that they were made of a God knows what PROPRIETARY material I was hooked. The eyes shields themselves have absolutely nothing to do with the style of illustration, which immediately kicks this into a higher category of Kitsch. I also love that the price at which they were sold was so drastically less than the SUGG-retail.

    • Howie Pyro

      haha…i have these on my bathroom wall & did photograph them but never got around to pposting them…mine don’t have the weird teddy bear eyes tho…they have “lady” eyes…haha…i wlways wished to arrive at the beach to hundreds of zombie like people with no eyes like on the illustration, that would be amazing…