Mexican bottle cap art “Not all Saints are elderly…”

Submitted by kookykitsch September 29th, 2009

notodosThree tiered yellow wood shelving unit with many bottle caps with saints inside and says, in Spanish, “Not all saints are elderly and not all the elderly are saints…” True. So true.

3 Responses to “Mexican bottle cap art “Not all Saints are elderly…””

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m not big on Day Of The Dead stuff – I see those skeletons playing guitar on the first balcony – but I do love bottle caps. I like that little pictures have been stuffed inside them. But I have to stop myself from thinking if some of them may have been vintage and what they would look like with all the spray paint removed. But I’m a major fan of arts and crafts and it looks like someone had a heyday here. And, boy, do I agree about that saint stuff.

  2. tennwriter

    I would be tempted to steal this. Growing up in Louisiana, near New Orleans, sandwiched between the French and Spanish histories and cultures, this worship and mythology and spiritual necrosis, this is like seeing photographs from childhood.

    And having revealed far too much, I’m off to light a candle AND to curse the darkness.