Zombie go-go girls

Submitted by MeshuggaMel September 30th, 2009
Certifikitsch Winner

A part of the “sad-eyed girl” ouvre, these two go-go girls border on expressionless. Are they vapid? Are they under some form of mind-control? Did they sell their souls for rock and roll?

This beauty is by “Lee” and is about 2 feet tall.

7 Responses to “Zombie go-go girls”

  1. Allee Willis

    As soon as anything’s from the ’60s and involves music but wasn’t created by someone who was actually making music there’s a great possibility for a high K. factor. The whole big eyed Keane thing always freaked me out because everyone had that ‘aliens in mourning’ look. But I myself would’ve bought this one for all the 60s fads crammed into this painting.

    Here’s what works for me in Lee’s masterpiece: A) the acoustic guitar, B) the go-go boots, C) the T-strap shoes, D) the ironed flat hairdos, E) the single big dangle earring, F) the fashionable dresses. My absolute favorite aspects however are G) what’s that happening on the guitar player’s strumming hand?- is that a black worm crawling between her fingers? and H) what’s that blotch on her knee? A massive mole? A designer Band-Aid? A water stain on the painting?

  2. Mice

    I had one of these as a girl growing up. My best friend was going to be the guitarist and I the dancer. I would lay and dream of adventures each night before going to bed. I can tell that the painting has been damaged, but wouldn’t be wonderful to have it restored…most folks wouldn’t think it worth it, but this picture has very special meaning to me. My mom sold mine at a garage sale many years ago.

  3. Mice

    oh – an one last thing – if you look close her other earring is behind her shoulder. Do you really have this painting?

    • Allee Willis

      These come up for sale every now again on eBay so you should look there. Even though this isn’t a Keane I’d enter that as a keyword as that’s how people describe these. I used to own this too.