Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – 1950’s Ponytail Eyeglass Case

Submitted by Allee Willis October 1st, 2009

Don’t even ask how many Ponytail products I had as a kid because not only did I have a ponytail on my head that I thought made me look like the Ponytail girl but I had the diaries, dictionaries, deskettes, jewelry boxes, record totes and anything else that had the Ponytail girl on it.

My dictionary was powder blue and the deskette, a flat binder that opened to reveal slots for paper, pencils and envelopes, was red. But nothing touched my heart and made an indelible stamp on my aesthetic sense forever like the powder pink on the glass case here. Just looking at the pink Ponytail gal poking up in my bucket bag when I went to look for my milk money was enough to keep me happy all day. And since then that same pink has been all around me, from my house to my ’62 Corvair to anything else I love that I have a choice of color in.

ponytail-eyeglass-case_0526 ponytail-eyeglass-case_0529

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One Response to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – 1950’s Ponytail Eyeglass Case”

  1. hoarderrehabseller

    Wow, too cool! The Elvis era! lol, now it’s the Eames era! Elvis era is way cooler! Love the glasses poking out too!