Beaver Bank

Submitted by Planet67 October 1st, 2009

Found this guy at what my wife calls “The little flea” Flea market in old torrance (third sundays). The banner says “provident federal savings” He’s (she’s?) pretty whack-a-dootle…. one eye goes left the other goes right.


One Response to “Beaver Bank”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love this because what does the beaver have to do with a bank? Unless it’s building up a fortress so no one can get in but the last thing you want is a bank you can’t get into. One way or another, I love this little guy’s teeth and would enjoy dropping coins into him.

    Where is the slot that you drop the coins into? And is there a year printed anywhere on it?

    I’d love to give this a Certifikitsch but this photo is a little blurry (though size is perfect!). Any chance of swapping it with a sharper photo?