Delicious Doughnuts Letter People Inflatable Doll

Submitted by jack October 2nd, 2009
delicious dough

This is Mr. Delicious Doughnuts. He is one of the Letter people that was used to teach young kids the alphabet. I met this blow up version of him when I was in Kindergarten. I always wanted these when I was a mere tot, but it wasn’t until about ten years ago I actually had the chance.

While the Letter People are still around teaching kids today, sadly Mr. Delicious Doughnuts is not. The company decided that he promoted junk food to kids and scrapped him in favor of Dazzling Dance in 1990. Delicious Doughnuts is far cooler in my opinion. How can you not love a character made entirely of doughnuts.

5 Responses to “Delicious Doughnuts Letter People Inflatable Doll”

  1. Allee Willis

    I missed the whole Letter People thing on tv as I was too busy trying to be a young adult in the record industry in Manhattan and if something didn’t involve soul music in one way or another it completely passed me by. But I have heard of Mr. Delicious Doughnuts before as anything doughnuts tends to catch my ear.

    Did they sell the blowup version of him in stores?

    No comparison between Delicious Doughnuts and Dazzling Dance if you ask me.

  2. jack

    No, they were only available to schools, at least in the 70s. My older brother loved the letter people too, and my parents tried everything they could to buy their merchandise. They never had any luck though.

  3. jack

    The only one I ever found terrifying is Tall Teeth. I saw him in your link. He is creepy, and he looks like he should be in a horror movie. Anything with teeth that big can’t be nice.