Vintage Renwal Electric Vaporizer

Submitted by jack October 3rd, 2009
vaporizer1 vaporizer2

This is an old vaporizer I found this in a thrift store about ten years ago that was still in the box and in great shape. The simple design and unusual appearance just appealed to me. It looks like some sort of home made device, and if it didn’t have a box or a label I would have never guessed its purpose. It kind of has mad-scientist quality to it. I have never plugged it in to actually use it, but I am happy I found it though.

One Response to “Vintage Renwal Electric Vaporizer”

  1. Allee Willis

    When I first started collecting I acquired a lot of these kinds of gadgets. I still love them, expecially when the box is intact as well. I actually think I have this exact Renwal Vaporizer stored away somewhere. I always loved the illustration on the box were the vapor looks like a billowing forest fire. This steam hood was supposed to shoot the vapor into your nose but the gadget is so small and made of metal which gets burning hot so it always seemed more like a health hazard to me than a remedy.