Lindsay Wagner – The High Road to Health: Vegetarian Cookbook

Submitted by kookykitsch October 5th, 2009

lindsaywagnerActress Lindsay Wagner and coauthor Spade present a unique collection of recipes for delicious, high-fiber, low-fat meals that will inform experienced vegetarian cooks and make it easy for novices to make the transition to a meatless diet. 1990 edition

One Response to “Lindsay Wagner – The High Road to Health: Vegetarian Cookbook”

  1. Allee Willis

    Lindsay was/is sure adept at hopping on the promotional train. Though one would have hoped that given her Bionic roots the products and high roads she endorsed were a little lower. I like to think of my bionic women being powered by sugar and red dye as opposed to carrots and celery and sleeping on a water bed as opposed to Sleep Number mattresses.