3 Channel Psychedelic Control Center!!!

Submitted by Howie Pyro October 8th, 2009
Certifikitsch Winner

i am so obsessed with this…it always freaks people out! wow! what does THAT do??? honestly i don’t really know & actually don’t care just as long as it exists in this world & i own it. i think you can wire up lights to your stereo through it & do some kinda light show.

4 Responses to “3 Channel Psychedelic Control Center!!!”

  1. Allee Willis

    I tried to buy something very similar once but they were asking an outrageous price and no one could tell me what it did. And because a no one could tell me anything even when we plugged it in we had no idea what we were looking for. Wiring up this up to a stereo for a light show is a good guess but then I don’t know why there’d be three separate channels. I think it has more to do with putting out three incredibly annoying psychedelic tones that an early synthesizer like an Arp may have produced.

  2. otis

    Fancy name but back in my day it was called a “3 channel colour organ. You plugged your different coloured lights into the back (max. of 500 watts per channel) then hooked one side of your stereo speaker output to the small input jack/wires at the back. Then you dimmed the lights, turned up the volume on your favorite tune, then slowly turned the channel knobs. One channel would be base, one mid and one would be highs. It worked great until you changed the volume or a different song came on.
    I bought one as a kit for $14.00 (big money for a twelve year old kid around 1971) then built big boxes full of xmas lights and light defusers on the fronts, wowed all my friends and made us all sick from watching them too long, still cool at parties. I still have them around here somewhere, still worked last time my kids used them………….cya………..otis

    • Allee Willis

      So my first hunch was right and I shouldn’t have been thrown by the three channel thing. Of course it makes sense that it would control three different color lights. I have several modern-day versions of this but none with as great of names as “Psychedelic Control Center” or “Colour Organ”.

      • Howie Pyro

        that’s what i said i thought it was! a light show thingy! ans as for otis…”back in your day” everything was called psychedelic (right or wrong)…and i am working on a book of just that concept…