Tiki Oasis Matching-Cabana-Set Photo inspires Statue

Submitted by drewgroove October 8th, 2009
Certifikitsch Winner

Drew & Tony, matching cabana wear photo & statue

A photo taken of myself with a another matching-cabana-set clad fellow named Tony at the San Diego Tiki Oasis 8 in 2008. This photo then inspired artist Erin Bartleson, aka Chicklet, (PsychoticReaction.etsy.com), of the Finkniks art collective, to create a likeness in the form of a statue! She then displayed the statue along with her other pieces of artwork in the vendor room in San Diego at Tiki Oasis 9 in 2009. (I’m the one with the hat & glasses on the right).

3 Responses to “Tiki Oasis Matching-Cabana-Set Photo inspires Statue”

  1. Allee Willis

    Always nice to be commemorated in this way, especially with such beautiful outfits and large feet.

    The artist did a really amazing job of capturing you both, especially you. I’d have to see you in person but it looks like she got your face down pat!

    Can you tell me what these are made of and how tall they are?

    Also, those are completely fantastic matching cabana sets you and Tony are wearing in real life.