Cocktail Tumblers’ SWEATERS. Oh, my drink is getting too cold.

Submitted by snappyp October 12th, 2009

sweaterglass1sweatersforGlasses Again- what does this mean that they were making sweaters and jockstraps for the cocktail tumblers?Was the cocktail a grown up kind of doll? I think this is a very curious piece of 50’s culture. I adore it and the packaging. I don’t know if the Very Merry Xmas tape came on the box or someone used it to cover a well worn box of well worn cocktail sweaters.

2 Responses to “Cocktail Tumblers’ SWEATERS. Oh, my drink is getting too cold.”

  1. Allee Willis

    When the middle class rose in post-war America in the 1950s lots of cocktail accessories rose with them to fuel their modern alcohol seeped imaginations. These little sweaters, or Hi Jacs as they were popularly known, were among the best selling items in that genre.

    I love these for many reasons not the least of which is the name “Plush Bottoms, Sweaters For Glasses”. I’m also curious about the Christmas tape although it looks like it’s applied pretty uniformly so not sure if it’s a ‘hand job’ or that’s the way this came. What I really like is how crooked some of the numbers are applied, especially the 2.