Half Chicken, Half Cow Creamer

Submitted by DangerDogs October 17th, 2009

This little Chicken Cow – or should I say CowCock – has had a hard life, with chips on her comb and ear.

This object is also a hermaphrodite! The front half is a obviously female with the rooster bringing up the rear.

3 Responses to “Half Chicken, Half Cow Creamer”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’ve never seen this little chicken cow or CowCock before.

    When you say it’s a creamer where does that pour from?

    I never mind the chips. Collectors who discriminate because something has a few chips take some of the fun out of collecting. Besides, this hermaphrodite fowl would probably enjoy the attention of a few strokes of paint bestowed upon him.

  2. DangerDogs

    Hi, Allee:

    Oops! My mistake. She (he, it) isn’t a creamer – simply a statue. But on further examination I see it is signed on the bottom. Jeane.

    I don’t mind chips either, but like the low price that comes with them.