The Twist Wrap Around Massager With exclusive stim-u-line massaging surface.

Submitted by kookykitsch October 18th, 2009

The marvelous flexible massager goes up…down…and wraps around. With exclusive stim-u-line massaging surface.twistwrap

4 Responses to “The Twist Wrap Around Massager With exclusive stim-u-line massaging surface.”

  1. Allee Willis

    Does this product with the fantastic packaging have a date on it? I’m guessing ’90s but would love to know for sure.

    Upon first glance I thought it was one of those stretchy things you exercise with but I really love that they’re selling it as a massager. I can’t imagine how this smooth and what looks like a rubbery surface provides a great massage but I probably would have bought this for the cheesy packaging as I suspect you did.

    It looks like vacuum cleaner attachments at each end.

    I love the photo of the guy at the bottom who’s got the “massager” wrapped under one arm and around his neck so it looks like a fashion scarf. And also the shot of his leg where it’s wrapped around like a snake for the “down” movement. Does this move by itself or do you just accept that your leg is getting sweaty and starts to chafe as you attempt to maneuver it vertically?