7 Responses to “Shell Lamp”

  1. Allee Willis

    I have one of these too and love it. My shell doesn’t have quite as spiky of spikes but I rigged it so that the special light bulb inside flashes different colors so it calls a lot of attention to itself.

    I hauled tons of sand into my backyard and have my own little private beach which is loaded with trillions of shells that I pick up from any beach I’m at but there’s no question that this light up shell is the king of the sand kastle.

  2. lolashmola

    What a splendid idea about hauling in the sand, and placing all your shells that you collect and have your own backyard beach blanket parties :-)
    However my light bulb is stuck inside the shell and I cannot figure out how to get the bulb out and replace it once the bulb burns out.
    You cannot even get a hand in there.
    So far I don’t need as of yet.

    • Allee Willis

      Well, that’s the drag about these lights. It’s a complete pain to change the bulb. You have to keep trying to push the cord in further and further through the hole into the shell and then have something you can slip in through the front where your hand can’t fit and try and lead the bulb out. It takes real patience but once you do it couple times and get the hang of it you’re over the trauma of the bulb ever burning out.

  3. denny

    I am still looking for one of these. I have several tv lamps but nothing with sea shells. I love this and this was indeed a good find! Under $5.00 is definitely a good price! Great post!