6 Responses to “Doll Toilet Paper Cozy”

  1. Allee Willis

    I could swear I already left a comment on this most beautiful TP cozy but, lo and behold, the wonders of technologym it’s vanished into thin air. Or maybe it’s my brain that’s vanished into thin air because I’ve worked for about 164 straight hours. Anyway, just looking at this cutie does my heart good.

    I love the formfittingness of her gown, the way she bulges out like she has a dinner plate for hips and just kept putting on weight until she filled everything out from the waist down out. I also like the little lace fringe at the bottom so you don’t have to worry about the nasty toilet paper poking out.

    Apropos for the hat to be droopy. Wouldn’t you be after spending decades in the bathroom?

  2. johanna went

    I’m not sure about the proper etiquette regarding the tp cozy. If you are using the facilities and there isn’t any tp, I would assume that you can remove the tp from the cozy and then what? Do you put it back or leave the cozy empty?
    And yes, she does have zombie eyes, like she has seen something disturbing, something dark, something she would like to forget but is unable to…..forget.

    • Allee Willis

      My opinion on the TP etiquette is that you have to know the temperament of your host to make the right call. If it’s someone the least bit anal I would remove the TP from the cozy, take what I need and then give the girl her body back and leave the next occupant to fend for themselves. But if the host is the kind who wouldn’t mind a dead TP cozy laying there I’d grab the roll, get what I need and stick it on the back of the toilet or somewhere in plain sight unless they had an extremely easy toilet paper holder to manipulate. I’m the kind of hostess, however, who would never have so little toilet paper left on the roll it would need to be replenished when people were coming over so my cozies are in no danger of being disturbed.