Courvoisier Cannon

Submitted by Mark Blackwell October 29th, 2009
Certifikitsch Winner

As a companion to the tequila pistol I posted earlier, here is my Courvoisier cannon. You know this mini-bottle holder is fancy, because on the bottom it’s stamped “Made In France.”

There are older versions of these Courvoisier cannons made from wood, but this little plastic one is very special to me as it was given to me by my dear departed friend Bessie Reid. The cannon still holds the original bottle, which is inscribed “75th Birthday, 3 A.M.” in faint pen – having been given to Bessie by someone in 1995 on her 75th birthday…evidently at 3 A.M….


2 Responses to “Courvoisier Cannon”

  1. Allee Willis

    BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the bottle all poised to shoot out its contents. “Made in France” makes it very fancy indeed. Love the inscription and love that you knew the person the inscription was written for. And, of course, plastic is far more elegant than wood in the Kitsch universe.

  2. MeshuggaMel

    Another touch I like – if you’re going to cast a French alcoholic beverage as artillery, why cognac with a screw-on cap? Where’s the champagne?

    I also admire the restraint displayed by the late Ms. Reid in that the bottle appears to be intact with its contents. If someone gave me a bottle of cognac at 3AM, I’m sure I’d either drink it immediately, or, more likely, already be too tired/drunk and simply drop it. Bravo, Ms. Reid!