CreepyPeeper Mix Chocolate eyeballs

Submitted by kookykitsch November 10th, 2009

creepypeepers“EYE LOVE IT! YOU’LL LOVE IT!” Foil wrapped chocolate eyeballs in an assortment of flavors.

One Response to “CreepyPeeper Mix Chocolate eyeballs”

  1. Allee Willis

    My sister is a collector of all things eyeballs. Eyeball rings, sculptures, door handles, necklaces, et al. We were at my great nephew’s Bar Mitzvah in Boston last week, which happened to fall on Halloween, and these candy eyeballs were all over the place. There were none left for the guests once my sister raided the candy bowls. Now at least 1000 of them are rolling around happily in Omaha where she’s looking lovingly after them.

    I love these eyeballs too. There’s candy all over my house and these are everywhere staring out at everyone.